Whatever you choose

Eat... Enjoy... Love

RestoTerase is a family restaurant in the
centre of Sabile which is located in the very heart of the Abava Ancient
Valley. This is a place where to meet others, eat, enjoy and love, because
that's our credo and logo. Resto Terrace is a place for indulging senses! In
our restaurant, you can enjoy delicious dishes, pizzas and sip delicious
beverages from the Abava winery. Why chose Sabile? Because it is the pearl not
only of Talsi region, but of Latvia, with a beautiful landscape that has
preserved its rich taste of history and legends, it has its own wine hill and
wine production facilities, and it is home to warm and welcoming people. It
needs to be told about and we will do it! Oh, by the way, in honour of Sabile,
we have a special pizza with the town's historic name "Zabeln", which
has become very popular these days. We have our own surprises - Sabile is a
town that not only has many springs, but also beer on tap.

You don’t believe? 

Come and visit RestoTerase and see for yourself!

Regardless of the weather

It's always nice and cosy at RestoTerase - spend rainy days in the cosy rooms, and enjoy the warm weather on the terrace!